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Journey Church Tailgate Party

Journey Church in Norman, OK hosted a summer tailgate party after services on Sunday, June 28, 2009. Families could eat burgers and hot dogs, play volleyball and slide down the giant slip ‘n slide. Here are a few pics from that tailgate party.

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Jericho Squeaks – New Camera

December 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Check out this video I shot with my new Kodak Zi6. It’s not bad quality. Click the link below to view it here, or the link below to video to see it in HD. (click on “View in HD”)

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Prince of Persia: Quick Review

December 5, 2008 1 comment

Prince of PersiaThis is just a quick review for a couple people. I will post a longer and more detailed review soon.

After a quick play through of the first two levels, Prince of Persia is looking to be mostly entertaining. It is not going to offer a huge challenge to the average gamer, but it does provide a compelling storyline, beautiful imagery and fun gameplay.

I would definitely recommend for anyone who is a fan of the series or just a fan of platformer games in general. I have the version for Playstation 3. From what I’ve seen online and from others, the versions don’t differ terribly. Mainly in game controls.

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The new site

August 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Okay, the new site is up and running. If you want to check it out, head on over to I’ll be blogging their about social media, web technologies and how they are used in college recruiting. I’ll still be posting here, but it will mainly be stuff that’s not strictly related to work. So check back often, or just keep up with me on twitter @billyadams.

Hope to see you on the new site!

New site coming soon!

August 1, 2008 Leave a comment

I’m currently in the process of getting a new blog set up on my own server. I have loved the abilities of and the price (free!) but I wanted to move on out so that I could have a little bit more functionality. Also, it will be nice to be able to experiment with new ideas before presenting them to the boss for use at work. I’ll post again soon with the new site’s URL once it is ready for public consumption.

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Adventures in Philly

July 24, 2008 2 comments

I’m currently writing this while sitting in a plane parked on the tarmac at Philidelphia Airport. My flight home from the eduWeb Conference 2008 was supposed to leave at 6:30pm EST. It is currently 8:50 EST. Mine was one of many flights that were either delayed or simply canceled coming out of Philadelphia. The primary reason for the delay is weather. It is storming here in Philly, has been for about an hour and is apparently supposed to be for the next 8 hours. No word from the captain on whether or not we will be leaving soon, or even at all. I just wish that they had pulled back up to the terminal so that we could at least spread out in the airport. Eat food. They have served first class their food (dinner entrees with wine), but have yet to come and offer anything to those of us in the cheap seats. I guess that’s what you get for not being rich…haha. Just kidding. As I look behind me, I think I see the flight attendants serving drinks to the passengers behind, so that is a good sign. At this point, this is just another random step in this trip.

Overall, I’m very, very pleased with my experience at the conference. It was my first conference where my primary focus was meeting with other people in the higher education industry that share my job. I went to a conference in April, but that was more to learn to use a product that we had purchased (Banner). While this conference offered some great insights into how students use social networks when researching and choosing colleges, I think my take-away will be the people I have met and the relationships I have started to build.

Most of all, this conference has encouraged me to start blogging again. And to take it seriously. Not to just post about whatever’s going on, but to really think about what I’m writing. I guess part of what I’m feeling is that I’m actually starting to finally feel like an adult. To take stock of where I am professionally and start to plan where I’d like to be at a point in the future.

I hope that if I ever get out of here, I’ll be able to attend more conferences in the future and offer something of value to the higher ed web community.

To be continued…

eduWeb 2008: It’s the Community Stupid! Karine Joly Closing Keynote

Karine Joly, founder of

Posts on

2005 – RSS (17), podcasting (46)

2006 – blogs (84)

2007 – video (51)

2008 – social networking (58), twitter (12)

So Many Tools, So Little Time

Facebook, Blogger, flickr, twitter, myspace, WIkipedia,

“The medium is the message.” Marshall McLuhan – Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man 1964

“The conversation is killing the messanger, the message and the recipient”

We are in communication overload. It has become very difficult to keep up with the conversation. We have reached the tipping point of information and the ability to upkeep

Big Questions:

What’s important?

  • twitter, blogs, facebook, myspace, what should we do?

How do you catch up?


How do you keep up?


Stop, breath and start to think about what is the core mission of web marketing and communication in higher education. Remember that we are in the relationship building business. Every day, we do whatever we can to build a long lasting relationship with our constituency, the students. We tend to forget that high school juniors and seniors will become a current student, will graduate and will become a regular and major donor. So it’s really until their death do us part and they leave us a nice benefit.

Conversations build Relationships

You can have authentic conversations with people that are many miles away from you institution.

The community has become central to our job today, because we can’t build relationships with our students without incorporating the community in our plan.

Book: groundswell – by Charlene Li & Josh Bernof

Really good book, talked about a lot at the conference. Mentioned in both keynote speeches.

“Community is about people’s need to connect [even with you], not your need to control”

7-Step Plan

  1. Their Needs
  2. Your Goals
  3. Participatory Design
  4. Exclusive Valuable Content
  5. Listen, Identify, Empower
  6. Cross Promote
  7. Treat them as Stakeholders

What can you do for them?

You have to ask the students what their needs are, what are their expectations, their preferred communications channels. You have to approach the students like a waitress and ask what they are needing.

What do you want?

Focus on your goals.

If you build it with them, they will come.

You can build a beautiful website, but no one will come if you aren’t working in the community. You have to approach it by building it with your audience/community. The few will help you get to the larger community.

Exclusive Content – Conversation Starters

There are so many options, you have to give them a reason to come. Imagine you are backat home and you are known for your great holiday cookies. Chances are, they will come by and get a cookie. Same with social space on the web, you must offer something different that will push people to come and visit. Exlusive content are the cookies, and Conversation Starters are like very focused answers to questions about campus.

Listen, Identify, Empower

By listening to the community, you will be able to identify the most active and vocal people. You must empower them because they are the growth of the community. They will help make your community stronger and stronger. It’s all about engagement. it’s important not to ignore those super-community members

Call them back – on their terms

Once they go, you have to remind them to come back. Let them know you are still there. Find out what kind of channels that they are using. You need to provide updates on their terms. Something that will entice them back into your community space.

Meet your new boss(es)!

They are now the real bosses of your department. What they want is paramount. The power users are your bosses. They will make or break your initiative with the community. It’s important to treat them well. If you do, they will be thankful and you will succeed.


Never forget that THEY know more than you do, just as the higher ed community knows more than I do.

Butler Unviersitysocial media website. Brad J Ward, Electronic Communication Director

  • 220k page views
  • 340 members
  • 1,61 forum posts
  • 68% incoming students found it helpful

Keene State College Ning Site, Mike Caufield, Director of Web Communication

They did a slow roll out, slowly letting more and more people know about it.

  • 697 members
  • 876 uploaded photos
  • 20 groups created by members
  • 82k monthly page views
  • 45% members invited by peers (Wow!)

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Vendor Social Network

  • 2,300 registered admitted students
  • 51% never made an official visit
  • of these, 83% submitted a deposit

The Last Word…

go to to help share with the whole community about your secrets about how you implement social media in your college.